Technology—Performance Art & Science

Associate Principal Jeff Yirak recently contributed to an article in Commercial Property Executive‘s August issue Daily Newsletter. The article, “Technology—Performance Art & Science,” features input from commissioning professionals around the country about the role that commissioning can play in successfully integrating new building technologies into building management.

See Jeff’s contributions to the article below. Read more on CPE’s website or view the PDF.

“Another challenge is convincing owners to start the process early in development, contends Jeff Yirak, associate principal for commissioning with Wood Harbinger Inc. in Seattle.

‘I’ve met many owner’s reps or project managers that figure they can just duke it out with the contractor until the building works right,’ he said. ‘In reality, it’s not the contractor’s job to make sure the building works right.’

The engineer designs it so that it can work right, the contractor builds it so it can work right, but it’s up to the commissioning authority to take the final step and make sure the building will work right, Yirak explained.

‘Commissioning is an integration exercise that begins when the equipment is switched on,’ he said, ‘and ends when the operator and end-users understand how the building functions well enough to ensure it will work right in the years to come.’ ”

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