Strategic Coffee Planning

by Dee Theirry

“Petroleum and coffee had no value a few centuries ago.” – Author Unknown

Coffee Quality or Time to Brew?

French Press or Vending?

Drip or Pod?

Permanent or Paper Filter?

Ready Temperature or Temperature Over Time?

Traditional Aged, Luwaked or Monsooned?

As part of the preparation for our impending office move, we have done a lot of research on coffee procurement and equipment options. Never would I have imagined office coffee systems could be so complex and reveal such far-reaching implications for both company and consumer!

When considering the equipment possibilities in the marketplace and weighing the needs of our operation, everything was under review for our new kitchen, including provisions and appliances to “unleash the Sumatran nectar.” Though this basic need rates high on the list of workplace satisfaction, unsurprisingly, the bottom line appears to be simple: access to and taste of the elixir of Wood Harbinger life.

Researching one’s options to make informed decisions always pays off in the long run.  For example, we certainly don’t want to find ourselves in the position of American Airline’s chief of operations, Robert Isom, whose comment headlined the Dallas News when he said that an “inordinate amount of coffee maker problems” were effecting their on-time take off rates.

On taste, Coffee Review covers top ranked roasts from year to year and produces a Cupping Calendar to highlight monthly reviews for the connoisseur. We are rather bound by the product lines our equipment providers carry, so some restrictions will apply, but still, it’s fun to contemplate the options!


“If it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.” – David Letterman


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