West Campus Computing Center Upgrade
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR

Construction Cost: $4 Million

Fast-track design process

The Data Center remained fully operational during design and construction

Wood Harbinger has been retained by the University of Oregon, first under the Oregon University System’s Retainer Program and currently as a registered vendor with the U of O’s Business Opportunities division, to provide ongoing professional consulting services, bringing our discerning eye and design expertise to multiple campus centers and functions.

Wood Harbinger served as Prime Consultant as well as mechanical and electrical engineers for a total upgrade of a data and computing center. Included in the scope were the replacement of the normal and standby power services, facility branch circuit wiring, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) equipment and distribution, lighting, raised floor replacement, data processing racks, in-row cooling and power distribution, and room ventilation and cooling. The in-row cooling uses 35% less energy than the typical computer room unit configuration.

This project required the removal of fully-phased hazardous materials, and Wood Harbinger worked closely with the data center users and contractors to coordinate the necessary phased demolition construction of the hazardous materials, removal of obsolete equipment, and installation of new equipment. The great challenge presented here was maintaining the data center in fully operational function to support the facilities and infrastructure management, student academia, faculty research, and administrative services.

As Prime, Wood Harbinger also led the scheduling, cost estimating, and construction period effort and services. This period proved particularly complex and required the development of a crucial level detail through the fast-tack design process, as the project was strictly held to the initial budget. Several elements played a role in the complexity of this process, including the variety of players involved and the additional planning required to ensure their seamless coordination. Adherence to the project schedule and required completion date of April 2011 was of utmost importance, as the campus relied on the new data center being fully operational at that time.