Terminal Container Yard and Intermodal Yard
Pierce County Terminal, Port of Tacoma
Tacoma, WA

Construction Cost: $46.3 Million

Wood Harbinger developed a creative solution to fix the power limitations by optimizing the use of available capacity from underutilized portions of the existing electrical power infrastructure.

The Port of Tacoma Commission approved a $341 million capital improvement plan that included redeveloping Pierce County Terminal into a major container terminal.

Capital Costs of approximately $210 million include container yard, twelve-track intermodal yard, seven-track support yard, infrastructure, utilities relocation, roadway work, traffic revisions, and waterway and turning basin widening.

Wood Harbinger provided the mechanical and electrical design and construction administration for the intermodal yard compressed air systems on this project. This portion of the project included the following features:

  • Compressed air distribution for brake testing to multiple locations on the twelve-track intermodal yard, including nearly 3.5 miles of underground compressed air piping;
  • Pneumatic brake system service boxes in multiple locations along each of the twelve intermodal yard railway tracks;
  • Heated and ventilated compressor building; and
  • Electrical service to support the intermodal yard compressed air system.

The enclosed compressor building, as well as the compressed air and electrical distribution systems, are designed for a future expansion of the intermodal rail yard, with a planned capacity increase of 50 percent over what is currently installed.