Submarine Drive-in Magnetic Silencing Facility P-587
U.S. Navy
Beckoning Point, Pearl Harbor, HI

Size: 6,000 SF

Construction Cost: $87.3 Million

Design/Build Project Delivery

The Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMSUBPAC) requires that all submarines in its service be depermed on a regular basis. When the only facility in the Pacific capable of providing this essential service was scheduled for decommissioning, the U.S. Navy initiated its replacement, the Beckoning Point Magnetic Silencing Facility (MSF). Wood Harbinger provided electrical engineering and construction phase services for the upland facilities portion of the project, meeting the Navy’s exacting specifications for all land-based site utilities including the Building 54 renovation, the Generator Building, and the Rectifier Building.

The Building 54 remodel included demolition of the old electrical system, and Wood Harbinger’s new design incorporated a vault security system as well as site preparation for the Government Furnished Government Installed (GFGI) CCTV and PA system equipment. The Rectifier Building included transformer assemblies, three rectifiers used for deperming the submarines, a Navy switching station with 15 kV switchgear, and power distribution for the building and the HVAC units.

Beckoning Point MSF is now the sole facility in the Pacific that can measure the magnetic signature and deperm all COMSUBPAC submarines. It is closer to the submarine operating areas and reduces submarine maintenance, extending their operating life, and increases the amount of time that the ship can stay on station.