Puesta del Sol Elementary School


Bellevue School District


Bellevue, WA








Project Team
Sean Bollen
Vice President and Principal—Electrical
Carly Langer
Electrical Designer
Melissa Evans
Project Assistant
Paul Larson
Senior Electrical Engineer
The First Net-Zero Elementary School in the Puget Sound

Founded in 1986, Puesta del Sol is a pre-K–5 Spanish immersion choice elementary school enabling students to become proficient in Spanish and English while thriving academically and socially as members of a caring and safe learning environment.

To better accommodate all students from a more centralized location, the District is demolishing the existing elementary school and constructing this new, 96,500-SF three-story campus to house up to 650 students with a net-zero goal. The new campus includes a synthetic playfield, covered play area, outdoor learning areas, garden, landscaping, and 110 parking stalls.

We provided electrical engineering services for this new school featuring a 368-kW solar photovoltaic capacity with 125-kW battery storage system, a significant contributor toward the school’s goal of net-zero operations. The electrical distribution system was designed for the facility to operate in island mode, which allows the building to be disconnected from the utility grid.