Providence St. Mary Medical Center (Multiple projects)
Walla Walla, WA

Wood Harbinger has been St. Mary Medical Center’s primary mechanical and electrical engineering consultant since 1998.

Wood Harbinger has developed a solid track record of successful partnership with Providence St. Mary Medical Center. Our work includes the overall infrastructure master plan that guides all upgrades for the Center, three major hospital renovations at the Walla Walla campus, along with close to 200 smaller projects. Future needs are factored into the overall infrastructure development, helping keep project complications and surprises to a minimum.

4th Floor ICU Renovation

Size: 20,000 SF
Construction Cost: $3.5 Million

The renovation of the 4th floor encompassed a major remodel of the existing patient spaces into a new 14-room ICU, with two isolation rooms along with nurse’s stations, clean and soiled utility rooms, and staff offices. Wood Harbinger’s mechanical engineering services included a new medical gas distribution and alarm system, new plumbing fixtures, a new VAV system to replace the existing induction heating and cooling units, and relocation and resizing of the existing supply ducts to reduce noise in the space. Dedicated exhaust fans were provided for the Airborne Infection Isolation rooms, and through an intricately coordinated duct and piping layout, we accommodated a crowded above-ceiling space. Electrically, we provided new lighting, data infrastructure, a fire alarm system, and a nurse call system. Completed June 2012.

Building Supply and Exhaust Fan System Commissioning

Size: 248,000 SF

The Saint Mary Medical Center’s existing HVAC system had undergone piecemeal upgrades over the last 50 years, resulting in poorly integrated and uncoordinated systems. Wood Harbinger provided commissioning for the main building supply and exhaust fans to identify the inconsistencies and recommend facility improvement measures to increase system performance.

Our investigation revealed a number of failed / incomplete building control system items, including inaccurate pressure sensors and direct digital control (DDC) system errors and omissions that masked the underlying problems. We clearly documented these problems in a report to the Owner, from which the Owner was able to review the issues and easily correct some conditions themselves, and provide clear communication to the contractor for resolution of the balance of the observations. This process ultimately corrected system malfunctions and demonstrated to the Owner the value of commissioning a system, no matter how small a project may be. Completed 2012.

Outpatient Surgery Addition

Size: 14,000 SF
Construction Cost: $6 Million
Wood Harbinger provided mechanical engineering services for a two-story, 14,000 SF addition which included Outpatient Surgery, Pre-Op, Post-Op, and Recovery areas, and 2,700 SF of shelled space. Also included were 4,200 SF of remodeled areas for Endoscopy and Nuclear Medicine.

Cancer Center Addition

Size 24,000 SF
Construction Cost: $8 Million
Wood Harbinger provided mechanical and electrical engineering for the replacement of the Outpatient Cancer Center. This project included a two-story, 24,000 SF addition, a Sleep Center, and 2,100 SF of shelled space. Approximately 2,000 SF of existing Radiation Oncology and Radiology areas were also included in the remodel.

Emergency Department Addition

Size: 25,000 SF Additions
Size 11,000 SF Remodel
Construction Cost: $15 Million
This project consists of a two story, 25,000 SF addition and an 11,000 SF remodel, including a new Emergency Department, Main Entry, Admitting, Radiology, Pharmacy, and Maintenance Shop.
The central chiller plant was expanded and a 400-ton chiller was installed. This created a model for the penthouse and air handling system that was replicated on the West side. An additional air handling unit was used to unload ”at capacity” systems in the existing hospital space.

MRI Area Expansion and Tenant Improvements

Construction Cost $612,000
Wood Harbinger provided the mechanical and electrical predesign, design, and construction administration for this MRI expansion. The project included the installation of two new MRI suites and supporting spaces including the installation of MRI equipment, shielding and supports, and construction of tenant improvements on level two.

Nuclear Medicine Remodel

Size: 400 SF
Construction Cost $200,000
Wood Harbinger provided the mechanical and electrical predesign, design, and construction administration for this remodel project. The project converted the 400 SF waiting area to a Nuclear Medicine Camera/ Exam room.
Mechanical work included revisions to the HVAC system for proper cooling, addition of a hand washing sink, and Direct Digital Controls.
Electrical work included lighting replacement, new power distribution panelboard, and electrical circuitry for receptacles and the Nuclear Medicine equipment.