Olympic Medical Center (Multiple projects)
Olympic Medical Center
Port Angeles, WA

Wood Harbinger’s work included a series of task order projects.

MRI Replacement

Wood Harbinger provided design documents to support the replacement of a 1.5 Tesla MRI with a new, more powerful 3 Tesla MRI. The upgrade included routing new power circuit to support a new dedicated system chiller and completely new MRI cabling and control system wiring distribution. The room lighting was upgraded with new LED down lights to improve efficiency and control, and to reduce maintenance costs. The project also included temporary power and telecommunications connections for a mobile MRI system that was brought to the site to provide continuous patient care during the renovation of the installed MRI system. Completed March 2011.

Emergency Department Expansion

Wood Harbinger provided electrical engineering and commissioning services for the 2,800 SF expansion to existing Emergency Department. The project included eight new exam/treatment rooms, a nurse station, and other support spaces. We also designed significant repairs to the aging and near obsolete nurse call system serving the entire emergency department, buying the hospital critical time until it had the funding for a more encompassing fix.We not only kept the existing system functioning, but expanded it as well.

By reconfiguring work spaces and relocating staff functions in OMC’s emergency department, Wood Harbinger was able to create four additional patient exam rooms without requiring new construction, saving the hospital considerable time and money.

Wood Harbinger provided a full suite of commissioning services for HVAC, lighting controls, DDC, nurse call, access control, and CCTV systems. The schedule was coordinated with the construction schedule to minimize delays and maximize time to mitigate any found issues. Documentation for installation tracking, functional testing, trend log analysis, and issues log used throughout the commissioning process to maintain thorough communication with the team. Completed September 2015.

Home Health Office Tenant Improvements

OMC’s Home Health services staff needed new space when they were displaced by the construction of a new Medical Office Building that required demolition of their existing building. This project entailed TI design for an existing shell space to accommodate medical scheduling and administrative office functions.  Wood Harbinger provided electrical engineering for the project, meeting a very tight construction budget while providing efficient systems that complied with the Washington state energy code.

We designed branch circuit wiring, lighting layout and fixture selection, and telecom layouts. We upgraded the building’s main electrical service to combine the building’s multiple electrical services for various retail spaces into a single service under one meter in compliance with the NEC.

Our lighting design utilized all LED fixtures which use 38% less energy than a comparable 2-lamp T-8 fluorescent fixture. The lighting system controls proved a challenging element in this project. To meet the energy coded, the system required scheduled on/off lighting in the common areas, occupancy sensor control in select areas, and daylight controls near the windows, all while meeting a strict budget. We utilized a very cost effective network based lighting control system that met the needs required by the energy code as well as OMC’s budget.  Completed September 2015.

CT Scanner Addition

OMC needed additional CT through-put capacity to meet the expanding needs of the organization. This project renovated an existing records storage space to accommodate a new CT scanner room. Wood Harbinger designed new LED lighting, normal and emergency power, telecom, and nurse call systems to support the new imaging rooms, meeting DOH requirements for an inpatient facility. We were able to reuse and repurpose the existing normal power circuits within the room. Completed November 2015.


Satellite Clinic Telecommunications Connections

Construction of a new medical office building required removal of the existing hospital-owned overhead telecommunications lines.  This project created an alternate path of connectivity between the existing hospital and the satellites clinics while enabling the old home-health building systems to remain connected during the first two phases of the medical office building construction. Wood Harbinger’s electrical design extended the campus telecom network to two existing clinic buildings located due south of the existing medical center. We provided new below grade ductbank systems; specifications for the outside plant telecom cable systems, both copper and fiber optic; and provisions for extending the temporary construction telecom services to the site of the new medical office building. Completed March 2015.

Elevator Upgrades

When upgrades to OMC’s elevators left the medical center without enough operational power, Wood Harbinger developed a creative solution that solved the power limitation problem. The design team optimized the use of available capacity from underutilized portions of the existing electrical power infrastructure, allowing the upgrade project to function as designed without requiring the installation of an expensive new electrical system. Wood Harbinger took the project a step further by upgrading the electrical capacity to the existing boiler room panels, delivered using available spare conduits and keeping costs to a minimum. Completed 2011.