Kirkland Justice Center
City of Kirkland
Kirkland, WA

Completed 2014

Size: 102,000 SF

Cost: $23.6 million

Wood Harbinger’s engineers worked collaboratively with the design team as well as the police and jail staff to devise innovative and effective systems to meet their unique needs, in a cost effective and sustainable way

The City of Kirkland annexed several neighborhoods in 2011 and the population surged. The City’s police department expanded in personnel, but not in space, and things got tight in their 15,000 SF area of the City Hall building. When space opened up in an unused wholesale warehouse, the city purchased the building and brought in a collaborative design team, including Wood Harbinger’s mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection engineers, to transform the space into the new Kirkland Justice Center. This 102,000 SF essential facility houses the Kirkland Police Department and the Municipal Court, integrating all law enforcement and justice system services under one roof. The combined facility eliminates the transportation hassles and costs inherent in the divided setup, such as suspect transfer to King County Jail for processing and holding and police training target shooting, for which the City had needed to rent firing ranges.

The new facility includes a booking center, an internal 55-bed Corrections Facility for misdemeanor charges, forensic laboratories, evidence storage, vehicle evidence storage, a 10-bay firing range for officers’ use, and a 900 SF data center. Rounding out the Police Department’s 82,000 SF are a weight room and vehicle maintenance facility. Three courts—two large and one small—and a community multipurpose room comprise the remaining 18,000 SF of the building.

Cognizant of the police department’s unique needs, such as high security and climate sensitive areas, Wood Harbinger’s mechanical engineers worked hand in hand with the police and jail staff to discern a thorough understanding of their operations and facility needs. We diligently supported and fostered the cooperative team dynamic that was crucial to completing this project on time and on budget.