Industrial Skills Center Phases I and II
Naval Base Kitsap
Bremerton, WA

Construction Cost: $11 Million

Wood Harbinger was the prime A/E consultant for Phases I and II.

The Phase II project included an exterior restoration of a national historic landmark.

Phase I:

Wood Harbinger was the Prime A/E for this project that included a partial renovation of Building 78 to create an Apprentice Skills training area, a partial building renovation within Building 460 to provide Weld School practical training facility and classrooms, and demolition of Building 289, the existing Weld School.

Work in Building 78 included renovation to create a training area using the first floor for classrooms, training shops, and offices. Work included a seismic upgrade of the entire building, removal of the fourth floor, and replacement of the existing roof and historic dormer window structures with replicas in non-combustible materials.

Work in Building 460 Weld School included providing mechanical equipment for weld gas supply piping and fume exhaust, integrating existing fume exhaust system in the C-Net school with the new Weld School system, upgrading building power supply and electrical distribution for the Weld School, converting approximately 19,400 SF on the second floor into classrooms, and renovating second floor restrooms.

Interior renovations in both buildings include lead, PCB, and asbestos removal, modernization of restroom areas to meet the American with Disabilities Act, replacement of interior partitions, heating and ventilation systems, power and lighting systems, floor covering, plumbing fixtures, fire protection and alarm systems, and cabling for phone and computer networks.

Phase II:

Wood Harbinger was the Prime A/E providing architect-engineering services for a Request for Proposal (RFP) package to complete the conversion of Building 78 into a modern training facility. The RFP package was in accordance with the Southwest Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Guide for Architectural-Engineering Firms and the DD 1391 Document.

The project features included the following:

  • Building 78 provided 61,684 SF of classroom conversion that turned the building into a modern training facility;
  • Exterior restoration work was included in this project (the building is in the Shipyard’s National Historic Landmark District and is one of the oldest on the base);
  • A three-story 9,098 SF addition to the south end of Building 78 was included;
  • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection was provided;
  • Buildings 551, 497, and Pier 7 Nuclear Training Mockup were demolished;
  • The former site of Building 497 was restored which included relocation of the security fence and security lighting; and
  • New 911 and Central Base Security Command Center as well as Force Training Center.