Hamilton International Middle School Commissioning
Seattle Public Schools
Seattle, WA

Size: 128,000 SF

Construction Cost: $45.4 Million

The project met the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP).

As Commissioning Authority, Wood Harbinger worked to achieve, verify, and document the performance of the building’s systems for Hamilton International Middle School. The goal of this commissioning project was to assure Seattle Public Schools that the individual systems were integrated and operating efficiently and in harmony throughout the system’s design. Wood Harbinger collaborated with representatives from the District, the Architect, and the General Contractor in evaluating the facility’s requirements.

Wood Harbinger was responsible for providing pre-bid design review of construction documents; developing the commissioning plan; development of schedules with the Contractor for start-up and functional performance testing; development of functional test procedures from the final control documentation including narrative sequences of operation, control diagrams, and software code execution; and development of the Field Commissioning Notebook with appropriate documentation provided by the Contractor. We also provided supplemental documentation to ensure that all aspects of start-up and testing were completed and documented prior to functional performance testing.

Wood Harbinger worked with the Contractor to develop schedules and coordinate training for the Owner’s personnel involved with equipment, component, and system performance verification.

Mechanical systems commissioned include:

  • Condensing boilers with EMCS controlling staging and firing rate;
  • A condensing water system for water-source heat pumps;
  • Rooftop fluid coolers;
  • Demand-control ventilation; and
  • Water-source heat pumps.
Electrical systems commissioned include:
  • Network lighting control;
  • Emergency power; and
  • Power monitoring and submetering.

This project was designed under the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol for high performance schools. To meet the energy saving criteria, the design included water-source heat pumps and a condensing water system that conserves energy by shuttling heat back and forth from the cooled portions of the building to the locations within the building that demand heat, thus making the energy transfer more efficient and effective throughout the building.

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