Fire Suppression System Zelatched Point Building 475
U.S. Navy
Quilcene, WA

Construction cost: $300,000

Wood Harbinger designed a clean agent fire extinguishing system for computer spaces.

The project included a study of providing fire sprinklers in Building 475. The study documented that due to the remote site, the facility required a new water supply for the fire sprinklers. Requirements included a diesel driven fire pump, water tank, site piping and a fire pump building.

Wood Harbinger’s design replaced the Halon 1301 fire extinguishing system at the Communications Building 475 at Zelatched Point in Quilcene, WA. A new clean agent fire extinguishing system was provided in the 2,500 SF computer room space, including under floor and above ceiling areas. The project also included modifications to the existing mechanical systems to allow for room integrity. Electrical modifications were made to accommodate the clean agent system. In addition, electrical work included replacement of the existing fire alarm system.

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