Electrical & Mechanical Engineering for Marina Upgrades


City of Des Moines


Des Moines, WA






Fire Protection


Civic & Public

Project Team
Peter Lekhakul
Senior Electrical Engineer
Mike Lehner
Associate, Senior Project Manager
David Woods
Engineering Production Specialist/CAD
Matthew Woo
Associate, Electrical Engineering
Melissa Evans
Project Assistant
20+ Years of Partnership and Service

We have been providing electrical and mechanical engineering services at the marina for more than 20 years. Through multiple projects, we have upgraded the entire site’s electrical systems; upgraded the upland distribution systems for the marina office, new guest moorage, dry storage, and docks; provided a new fire protection standpipe system; provided fuel system upgrades; and assessed and upgraded power and utilities at the fishing pier and parking area.

We designed the upland distribution systems with additional electrical power capacity that enables flexibility for future development, and including 15 kV feeders, switchgear, and unit substations with ductbanks and sectionalizer switches to allow the City to efficiently distribute the system and create some redundancies in the event of an underground fault.

We also provided shore power boxes and upland power pedestals for use during various events at the parking lot and developed design documents to replace the existing fuel distribution and filling stations at the guest moorage pier.

One of our unique achievements was an innovative shore-to-dock cable protection system that keeps the cables out of the water and stable while in motion at the gangplank. This kind of high-speed cable carrier system is typically used in automated plants, bridge cranes, and other industrial applications, and results in less required maintenance and easier serviceability. We used readily available off-the-shelf products in a new way, which kept initial design and construction costs below budget and simplified required maintenance.