Central Maintenance Facility Commissioning


King County


Renton, WA






Civic & Public

Project Team
Nick Baker
Principal—Mechanical and Commissioning
Shaun May
Project Manager
Sean Bollen
President/CEO and Principal—Electrical
Melissa Evans
Project Assistant
Mitchell Hughey
Mechanical Designer
First New Major Public Works Project to Target Net Positive Energy

This three-building facility functions as the headquarters for King County Parks’ Operation and Maintenance section and acts as the dispatch center for centralized work crews that support all of King County.

We are providing design, construction, and occupancy phase commissioning services for this project, which is targeting the International Living Future Institute's Petal and Zero Energy certifications. We are commissioning all MEP systems, including HVAC, lighting, power, fire alarm, and access controls. Power systems include high efficiency lighting that beats energy code requirements by 25%, and 350 kW of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the main building, which will generate enough electricity to meet the entire facility's power needs. The MEP design also includes an air-to-water heat pump that serves the hydronic loop and radiant floor systems and high-efficiency energy recovery ventilation systems. The site is all-electric, with no combustion fuel systems.

As King County Parks' independent commissioning authority, we have been deeply involved in the design process. During the final design and permit stage, we are overseeing risk log mitigation and design issues and providing comment resolution in support of the County’s project manager. The project is currently undergoing peer review.