303 Battery Street Apartments


Sustainable Living Innovations


Seattle, WA







Project Team
Sean Bollen
President/CEO and Principal—Electrical
Carly Langer
Electrical Designer
Paul Larson
Senior Electrical Engineer
Peter Lekhakul
Senior Electrical Engineer
Spencer Marshall
Project Manager
World’s First Net-Zero Energy Multifamily Housing Tower

This 15-story, 112-apartment development (with 27 affordable housing units) is projected to use less than half the energy of a similarly sized conventional multifamily building.

Leveraging the City’s Living Building Pilot Program to gain more size for green features, the project includes an array of approximately 900 solar panels. The building’s modular scheme consists of a kit-of-parts that includes pre-assembled wall and floor panels; all wiring, plumbing, and heating components are pre-placed within in each panel. Materials are flat-packed and delivered to the site where they are assembled and placed via crane.

We provided electrical design for the power distribution riser, base building podium, exterior plaza power, lighting, and communications. The apartments are designed for fiber optic internet and artificial intelligence to enhance the living experience of residents and optimize the building’s performance, including water leak detection, smart thermostats, motorized door locks, and remote control of lights and blinds.

"The 303 Battery Building is on the leading edge of green design and construction, helping us to meet Seattle’s climate goals and create a healthier city, while also addressing our affordable housing crisis.”—Jenny Durkan, Former Mayor, City of Seattle
By the Numbers:

·   10% less expensive to build than comparable conventional buildings

·   80% of costs shifted into SLI components

·   20% to 30% lower operations and maintenance expenses

Source: Renova Capital Partners, www.renovacapitalpartners.com

Image: Weisman Design Group