First and foremost, the firm invests in healthy relationships. We prioritize building a strong foundation of trust within the firm, with our valued clients, and across the extended network of professional collaborators. We understand that positive, productive relationships fuel great work. That’s exactly what we aim to deliver.


Thomas A. Leonidas, Jr., P.E., MBA
Principal & President/CEO

Tom is an accomplished electrical engineer and technology consultant with keen business acumen. As President/CEO, he guides Wood Harbinger’s engineering practice with an eye toward innovation and strategic growth. Tom’s varied experience allows him to adapt to future changes and lead the firm in providing long-lasting, valuable benefits for our clients and our staff.

“We succeed when we clearly and deeply understand our client’s business, far beyond the technical issues we are here to solve. It sounds simple, yes, and often a step skipped. I’ve found that by going slow up front to align ourselves with the bigger picture, we can gain momentum to the finish line and do so with the certainty that we’re running in the right lane. By working collaboratively within the context of a common vision, we focus all of our expertise toward a singular purpose. That’s our promise as trusted advisors to our clients.”

Sean M. Bollen, P.E., LEED AP

Sean leads Wood Harbinger’s Electrical Engineering team and is the Market Leader for Wood Harbinger’s Education market. He is a skilled and detail-oriented electrical engineer with an aptitude for effective client and project management. He is also an accomplished interior and exterior lighting designer.

“What motivates me throughout the design process is making sure I thoroughly understand what the owner envisions for the project. After all, they will be using the building every week for the next 20+ years, and I want to make sure it meets their expectations.”

Nick R. Baker, P.E., CCP, GPCP, LEED AP BD+C

Nick is a motorcycle mechanic by trade, a physicist by education, and a mechanical engineer by license and profession. He leads Wood Harbinger’s Mechanical Engineering and Commissioning teams and is the Market Leader for Wood Harbinger’s Aviation, Transportation, and Municipal markets. He is also an experienced commissioning provider for new and existing vertical and horizontal structures.

“I like teamwork; when people work together towards a common goal, the sum of what they accomplish will outperform what each could accomplish alone.”

June S. Mechure

June is a Market Leader for Wood Harbinger’s Healthcare market. He is an innovative electrical engineer and strong project manager with a breadth and depth of experience in healthcare facility engineering.

“For the past 19 years, 98% of my projects have been healthcare projects. What keeps me going is the knowledge that every project I’ve worked on, at the end of the day, has an impact on changing and saving peoples’ lives. You’ll never know what is going to end up on that design table, but it will always affect someone’s family and loved ones. My goal is to make sure that Wood Harbinger provides sound design solutions and creates solutions that enrich people’s lives.

I also enjoy working on healthcare projects because of the fast track nature of technology. I stay up to date on the latest and greatest in healthcare technology to connect engineering to life in unexpected, and forward thinking new ways.”


Andy L. Brown
Associate, Director of Operations

Andy oversees Wood Harbinger’s project delivery, project management, and quality assurance processes, helping our teams deliver top-quality engineering efficiently and effectively.

“I have always been a chaser of opportunity, and in operations, there is a never-ending supply of opportunities to increase efficiency and to make our staff’s jobs easier and more enjoyable. It’s easy to come to work every morning knowing there will be a new nut to crack every day.”

Nancy E. Komola, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Director of Human Resources

Nancy oversees the full life-cycle of employment by integrating HR strategy and application with business strategy and goals to build organizational alignment, manage change, and further develop leadership and staff capability to improve the employee experience and company success.

“I love finding the sweet spot – where individuals perform their best, doing meaningful work they love and find motivating, balanced and in tune with business strategy and goals – it’s very dynamic, incredibly exciting to see, and makes for a fantastic workplace.  The fact that I get to come alongside the staff and help find that sweet spot is exciting to me every day because people are always learning and growing and Wood Harbinger supports that.”

Courtney S. Montgomery
Associate, Accounting Manager

Courtney leads Woods Harbingers’ accounting team and processes with an eye toward practical solutions for colleagues and clients.

“As a non-engineer, I really enjoy working with the Wood Harbinger team and educating people on both company and project finances. I love being a part of the Wood Harbinger family and know that our people are our greatest strength.”

Mark C. Rogalski, CompTIA Network+
Associate, IT Manager

Mark oversees Wood Harbinger’s firm-wide information technology infrastructure; networks, servers, workstations and software, prioritizing the security of our network and data, transparently to our staff and clientele.

“Over the past thirteen years it’s been clear to me that Wood Harbinger is a company that embraces change. Most notably I’ve witnessed and supported the shift from the early adoption of 2D drafting to 3D modeling, ongoing infrastructure and network security improvements, implementation of the Teams collaboration platform, as well as a companywide workflow process restructure. We didn’t make these changes for change sake, we made them with the betterment of client service at the forefront. Keeping up with changes that make working with Wood Harbinger an easy and great experience is what we are all about. I am proud of the part I’ve played to make our client experience a great one and look forward to working with your team soon!”

Senior Associates

  • By the Numbers

    38 employees

    5 LEED Accredited Professionals

    13 Professional Engineers

    45+ LEED Certified projects

    20+ engineering awards in the past 5 years

    Consulting and commissioning on more than $1 billion in construction value in the past 5 years