Collaboration and teamwork are the heart of our approach. We value the collective power of our talents to deliver innovative and resilient solutions for our clients. We thrive on tough technical challenges, and
we encourage curiosity and fresh thinking to solve them. We kindle an atmosphere of respect, engagement, and accountability because we understand that the health of our internal culture defines the character of our firm and the quality of our work.

Our Mission

Brilliant Engineering with Exceptional Client Service

We believe that mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and technology systems should work brilliantly, and we are relentless in our mission to make them so. We live and breathe a culture of integrity, teamwork, knowledge, and drive to create an environment where technical excellence and dedicated client service is expected and recognized, enthusiasm is encouraged, and success (for us and our business, for the client and their business, and for the project and the owner) is the natural result. From this foundation, we build strong and lasting relationships with clients and owners to fulfill the dream of buildings and infrastructure that work like a charm. After all, every project we touch has a profound impact on peoples’ lives in some way. We want that impact to be positive, enduring, and enriching.

Our Vision

Sustainable Growth and Advancement for Employees and Clients

We are a stable and sustainably growing business that is recognized by colleagues and clients as a great firm to work for and partner with. We help bring to life a diverse cross section of the built environment in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, with a passionate team that’s driven by technical excellence and dedicated client service, and together with visionary and innovative owners, clients, and partners.

Our Values


We do the right thing, no matter who is watching.


Through our words and actions, we work together around a common goal.


We seek out learning opportunities and apply our intelligence to bring ideas to life.


We approach challenges proactively and don’t give up until we see solutions through.