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We like big questions.

Wood Harbinger attracts problem solvers with a penchant for playing in the technical deep end. This is a place where curiosity gets cultivated, expertise accelerates client success and collaboration comes naturally.

  • Thomas A. Leonidas, Jr.

    “We succeed when we clearly and deeply understand our client’s business, far beyond the technical issues we are here to solve. It sounds simple, yes, and often a step skipped. I’ve found that by going slow up front to align ourselves with the bigger picture, we can gain momentum to the finish line.”

    Bruce G. Alward

    “I’m obsessed with the technical intricacies of design. I find great satisfaction in developing the right solutions to move clients forward and make their visions a reality. I’m deeply committed to design that works in practical terms, with high value placed on reliability, flexibility and maintenance efficiency.”

    Douglas C. Bussard

    “I enjoy talking with the client, figuring out and understanding what their needs are, then taking the time to explain the pros and cons of the options that are available so they truly understand them.”

    Margaret A. Felts

    “Meeting with our clients and listening to what really matters to them is exciting for me.  Hearing the success story from their point of view, long after a project is completed, is especially rewarding.”

    Ralph E. Maier

    Ralph leads Wood Harbinger’s Specifications team and oversees the firm’s Quality Control program.

    “I like the challenge of completing a project on time, without errors, and within the budget.”

    Bruce A. Pitts

    “For the last 20 years, I’ve dedicated my career to commissioning, as a means of bridging the gap between design intent and final delivery. Fulfilling the dream of buildings that work like a charm in a cost-effective manner is where I find the greatest satisfaction.”

    Bruce J. Higgs

    “I’m way into the details–the project, the program, the potential efficiencies, how all of the building systems relate to each other. I get into the nitty gritty because I care about the facilities personnel who will inherit our designs and will do anything in my power to make sure they receive a system that actually works as intended.”

    Sean M. Bollen

    “What motivates me throughout the design process is making sure I thoroughly understand what the owner envisions for the project. After all, they will be using the building every week for the next 20+ years, and I want to make sure it meets their expectations.”

    Joseph A. Leysath

    “I enjoy bringing opportunities to our clients.  Whether its discussing upcoming electrical technology or discussing future projects, bringing opportunities drives my day.”

    Jeff L. Yirak

    “Robert Burns recognized that ‘The best laid schemes of Mice and Men / Oft go awry, / And leave us nothing but grief and pain, / For promised joy!’ — This is the problem that commissioning was born to solve. We are a group of people for whom “good enough” is not enough, and we work to make systems work correctly, free from grief and pain.”

  • “Overall it is a warm welcome environment where you can feel safe and know that the work you do from day to day actually matters.”
    Wood Harbinger Employee
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