New Solar Photovoltaic System Saves $1,500,000

Lake Washington School District is leading the way in implementing green technology for K-12 facilities, and it is paying off in a big way. This sustainable electrical system complements Redmond High School’s reputation as a leader in green technology; provides a learning opportunity for students, staff, and the community; and provides substantial savings for the school. Wood Harbinger helped the School District understand the conditions of the existing systems, presented them with design options, and coordinated the secure mounting of the solar photovoltaic system to the existing building structure while maintaining an overall visually uniform and aesthetic appearance.

This project, coupled with the energy conservation program at Redmond High School and at Lake Washington School District, has saved the District money. In the last 5 years, they have been able to go from a $7 million utility budget to a $5.5 million budget. Jed Reynolds, the Resource Conservation Manager at Lake Washington School District commemorated Wood Harbinger’s work:

“[Wood Harbinger’s] commitment to excellence in design and communication made this project the success that [Lake Washington School District] can be proud to pass on to [their] students for decades to come.”

Wood Harbinger won a Bronze award from the American Counsel of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for designing this system that supported Lake Washington School District’s energy goals.

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