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Decommissioning Fire Dampers

by Paul Greenwalt, EIT and Mike Lehner, P.E.

This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series.

We have all heard of commissioning, but what is decommissioning? Oddly enough, it does not require the services of a Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) or other similar licensed commissioning provider. In the case we’ll discuss here, it also does not include dismantling nuclear weapons (although it may seem as daunting a task). We are talking about the trend to label and disable existing fire dampers, smoke dampers, and combination smoke‑fire dampers. Read More…

Just Like the Movies: Deluge Fire Systems

by Mike Lehner, P.E. and Paul Greenwalt, EIT

This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series.

You know the scene. Action movie: Good guy running from the bad guys, gun shots, explosives, smoke. Fire starts in one small area and the ENTIRE fire sprinkler system begins dumping water on the building. Read More…

Home Renovation: A Different Perspective of the AEC Industry

by Jacob Odell

When I bought a house, I didn’t see in the contract that I would have to hold on to everything that came in the front door, but I guess I didn’t read ALL the fine print. This suspicious anomaly has forced me to reserve an entire room for “stuff” like an elliptical, chest freezer, children’s toys, and dog supplies. Read More…

Wood Harbinger Office Lighting Design Wins IES Award

Congratulations to lighting designer Susan Rhodes of LightWire on winning a 2018 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Illumination Award of Merit for her design of Wood Harbinger’s office lighting. Read More…

Resilient Utility Infrastructure – Part 2: Construction and Operations

by Matt Woo, P.E., RCDD, LEED AP BD+C and Steve Grayson, P.E., LEED AP

This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series.

Resilient infrastructure is a primary component of a sustainable built environment; that is, one that can withstand and bounce back from a compromise of or interruption of services and continue operating close to normally. Part 1 of this two-part article explored planning and design considerations for achieving resilient utility infrastructure. In Part 2, we tackle the challenges of making a resilient facility plan come to life in construction and operation. Read More…

Resilient Utility Infrastructure – Part 1: Planning and Design

by Matt Woo, P.E., RCDD, LEED AP BD+C and Steve Grayson, P.E., LEED AP

This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series.

Resiliency in the built environment, simply put, is the ability to recover from difficult conditions that have compromised essential utility/infrastructure services. That could mean recovering from a power outage, an earthquake, a system failure, equipment failure, process interruption, and so on. Read More…

Bruce Pitts Retires After 44 Years

Wood Harbinger celebrated the retirement of Principal Bruce Pitts on June 14th, 2018, together with Bruce’s family, friends, and colleagues past and present. The gathering in the Wood Harbinger office included fine food, good drinks, and a rousing toast to Bruce’s indelible legacy and role in the rise and success of the firm.

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BCA: FROM THE FIELD: Getting the Most out of the Design Review Process

Check out Bruce Pitts’ latest article for the Building Commissioning Association blog, “The Checklist.”

Read the article below or on the BCxA’s website here.

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What If? Commissioning Team’s Dream Commissioning Job

by Nick Baker, P.E., CCP, GPCP, LEED AP BD+C; Shaun May, EIT, CEM; and Jacob Odell

This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series.

This month, we let our commissioning team’s imaginations run wild to answer the question, “What if you could do any kind of commissioning job…what would it be?” True to form, the team delivered results out of (and under) this world and highlighting the value of teamwork, exemplifying the passion and curiosity they bring to their work every day. Get a glimpse into the dreamscape of Wood Harbinger’s commissioning providers.

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