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BCA Blog – President Pitts’ Report

Wood Harbinger’s own Bruce Pitts, CPMP, CSBA, LEED AP, is President of the Building Commissioning Association (BCA) International Board of Directors. Check out his latest “Letter from the President,” recapping some recent publications in which he and BCA have been involved this year. Read the full letter below or on the BCA’s website here. Read More…

The Road Less Traveled: the Monitoring-Based Commissioning Option

by Jacob Odell

This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series.

LEED v4 launched in late 2013 with substantial changes to the LEED Green Building Design and Construction certification system, including many that affected commissioning program requirements needed to achieve certification. 2017 is really the first year we’re starting to see LEED v4 in action, as projects had until October 31, 2016 to register under the previous version, LEED 2009,’s requirements. In Washington state, the latest Washington State Energy Code (WSEC 2015) also brings a new driver to push projects toward energy efficiency, energy conservation, and overall sustainability; WSEC 2015 requires Fundamental Commissioning as well as energy metering. Read More…

The Path to Enlightenment: Energy Metering and Management

by Shaun May, EIT, CEM

This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series.

Energy management is a hot topic in today’s business climate, and also a growing interest of mine. I spent last year studying to become a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), and am proud to say that as of May 2017, I am now Shaun May, EIT, CEM. Read More…

Water Hammer: The “Belly Flop” of Piping Systems

Mike Lehner Fire Protection Engineerby Mike Lehner, P.E.

Water is a seemingly harmless thing, but in reality, it is quite a force to be reckoned with. Have you ever done a belly flop in a swimming pool and felt the pain afterwards? While the pain of a belly flop results from the surface tension of the water resisting your impact, water’s impact against other things can cause damage. In water piping systems, this impact is called “water hammer.” Read More…

Wood Harbinger Ranks Among 2017 MEP Giants

Wood Harbinger ranks 92nd in Consulting-Specifying Engineer‘s 2017 MEP Giants list, announced on August 10, 2017.

Image Source: CSE Magazine (http://www.csemag.com/index.php?id=17667)

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Adventures in Homebrew

Shaun Mayby Shaun May, EIT

If you drink beer, read on. If you truly love beer, like my colleague Ben and I, read on. But be forewarned, this tale is not about why you should love beer. This tale is about deepening a love that has already taken hold. A love brewing inside, bubbling, frothing, steeping.

This is a tale about homebrew. Read More…

A Summer with Wood Harbinger

By Ethan Prehoda

I was hired by Wood Harbinger this summer as a commissioning intern, with the opportunity to also work in the mechanical engineering department. As a junior in the mechanical engineering program at Michigan Technological University, this was my first engineering internship. Read More…

DJC: Notkin and Wood Harbinger team up

The Seattle DJC recently published a press release about Notkin Wood Harbinger Alliance. See the article below or on the DJC’s website here.

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My First Year as an Electrical Designer

by John Bourgeois

I was hired at Wood Harbinger a little over a year ago. I was just coming off my rookie season with internships at CH2M Hill down in Corvallis, OR and Portland General Electric. With an Electrical Engineering degree from Oregon State University focused on power systems, I packed my bags just after the new year and moved to the 206.

I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences of what it’s like for a recent graduate, with no previous exposure to consulting, to dive head first into the industry.

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