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An Engineer’s Guide to PC Builds

by Shaun May, EIT In addition to being a commissioning engineer at Wood Harbinger, I am a landscape photography hobbyist and freelancer. I aspire to capture the highest quality images of the most beautiful and rare natural moments… sunrises, sunsets, and the stars from remote locations, and in addition infuse digital art to bring the […]

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What Do Technology Consultants Do on Their Days Off?

By Robert Eastman It is not easy being a professional technology consultant.   The world is perpetually changing and is becoming more digital every day.  The amount of technical resources available to keep a technology consultant informed each and every day (Sundays included) could fill up the Library of Congress in two days. 

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Smart Devices for Smart Design, Part II: The Smartest Smart Devices for Engineers in the Field

By Andrew Brown If you are a carpenter, would you use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail? Probably not (though as a non-carpenter, I’ve done it). If you are an archeologist, are you going to take a flamethrower to the dig-site to unearth some super old dinosaur bones? No (but I’d like to see […]

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Smart Devices for Smart Design, Part I: the Case for Technology in the Field

By Ben Prehoda Wouldn’t it be cool if… …you were an experienced engineer or designer conducting a field investigation and the only thing you had to bring with you was one smart device? I recently spent a number of days verifying electrical as-builts for a hospital near Tacoma, WA. After the third day of flipping […]

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The Art of Technology Systems Programming

By Bob Eastman In my previous blog on technology systems Requirements Programming, I mentioned that on any project there is always a long list of technology systems to consider, which can include upwards of 100-150 individual technology systems (the higher end applies primarily to healthcare projects). To manage this information, we use a Technology Systems […]

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Requirements Programming

By Robert Eastman WHAT IS THE REAL VALUE OF A COMPREHENSIVE & METHODICAL REQUIREMENTS PROGRAMMING? IT IS PRICELESS. We all know the cliché that “You Get What You Pay For”. My questions to you are: do you know exactly what you getting? And are you getting what exactly what you need? Requirements Programming is the […]

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The Power of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

By Tom Leonidas, P.E. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has become a powerful alternative to traditional design-bid-build.  IPD is all about team members collaborating on a common set of project goals; and to optimize results. IPD takes a lot of the pain associated with bid projects in terms of dealing with change orders.  The goals are […]

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Data Center Design: You should be reading this.

 By Morena Sanidad, P.E., LEED AP Are you a Data Center Operator, Owner, IT, or A&E Consultant looking to expand your knowledge on data center design?  There are a few documents available online and several standards that can be purchased. If you are not sure where to start, you don’t have to look far anymore. 

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Category 8 Connectivity – Coming Soon to a Building Near You

By Bob Eastman The Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) Engineering Committee TR42.7  is charged with developing and maintaining telecommunications cabling infrastructure standards that support premise network and communications systems. The committee has been quietly working on a Category 8 cable connectivity standard referred to as TIA 568-C.2-1 Draft 0.7. Their objectives to establish minimum design and […]

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