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The Shift to BIM: New Ways of Thinking for the Future of Design

By Mohammed Haq, P.E. Building information modeling (BIM) adds a new dimension to the building design process. Literally. While traditional design utilizes two-dimensional drawings to show the plan for individual disciplines, BIM generates an interactive, three dimensional layout that can contain details and data not possible in a static 2D drawing. It spans the life […]

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How a Design Drafter = Star Quarterback

By Andrew Brown While I have been compared to a grizzly bear more than once – something to do with my oft-fuzzy face, fondness for picnic baskets, and the style of my hugs – there is one key difference between me and this majestic creature. No, it’s not our diet (we’re both paleo)…Unlike the great […]

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BIM as a Single Coordination Tool? A Revelation!

By David Drewes-Moore When I started my first BIM project five years ago I was drawn in by both the hype and the possibilities of a workflow process that would eliminate conflicts and coordination issues. It became very apparent that a BIM program (like Revit) does not come close to replacing proper coordination with other […]

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Revit 2014: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Andrew Brown It’s the most wonderful time… of the year! It doesn’t matter that the new Revit 2014 MEP features (as well as the software) were released earlier this year, we’re still enjoying the changes.

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