Practicality, Reliability, and Resiliency

Our Approach

We are distinguished by our breadth of expertise designing systems for some of the most complex and sensitive facilities and infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

Reliable electrical infrastructure ensures users experience the full value of a space and helps facilities operators sleep at night, perhaps more than any other system. We make sure the power stays on, the lights are bright, the communications keep flowing, and facilities remain safe and secure. From the heart of Harborview Medical Center to the belly of Naval Base Kitsap’s underground storage, across the full length of the SR 520 floating bridge, and into the classrooms of our schools, our electrical engineers bring power, light, communications, security, and peace of mind to end users every day.

In addition to building power, lighting, and low-voltage systems design, we specialize in normal, standby, and emergency medium-voltage power generation and distribution systems for campuses and critical facilities. In these high-stakes environments, success depends heavily on electrical equipment and controls performing as intended during normal conditions and especially during an emergency. We deliver the detailed planning, rigorous design, and proven testing required to make this the reality.

Our Services

  • Power generation, transmission, and distribution systems planning and design
  • Lighting systems planning & design
  • Lighting controls planning & design
  • Low-voltage infrastructure and systems planning and design
  • Electronic safety and security systems planning and design
  • Electrical studies including load flow, short circuit, coordination, arc flash, transient stability, harmonic analysis, ground grid analysis, and motor starting analysis
  • Electrical system modeling using SKM, and electrical transient analysis program (ETAP)
  • Electrical systems commissioning
  • Existing conditions investigations and assessments
  • Coordination with permitting agencies and utilities


  • New electrical service
  • Low- and medium-voltage distribution
  • Branch circuit power
  • Campus and utility distribution infrastructure
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Standby and emergency generation and distribution systems
  • Substations
  • Photovoltaic and battery storage systems


  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Site
  • Specialty lighting systems
  • Accent lighting for art and architectural statement
  • Bridges
  • Roadways
  • Lighting and daylighting system controls
  • Lighting calculations & modeling

Low Voltage/ICT

  • System planning
  • Infrastructure design
  • System design and specification
  • System installation and implementation management

Electronic Safety and Security

  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Blue phone assistance
  • Video surveillance

Electrical Engineering Projects

TOTE Vessel Shore Power
Port of Tacoma
Tacoma, WA

  • By the Numbers

    38 employees

    5 LEED Accredited Professionals

    13 Professional Engineers

    45+ LEED Certified projects

    20+ engineering awards in the past 5 years

    Consulting and commissioning on more than $1 billion in construction value in the past 5 years