3-D Thinking

Our Approach

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is causing a paradigm shift in the way design, construction, and facility management is accomplished, and every day more industry players are changing their approach. Our vision is to be the premier BIM/3D leader in the A/E/C industry, championing effective sustainable building design development, enhancing design/build team collaboration, and optimizing post-occupancy facility management.

building information modeling (BIM)

We are fluent in Revit and Bentley, and use these tools to the best of the software’s capability.  As the software continues to evolve, we stay abreast of any new applications that can enhance our ability to deliver better mechanical and electrical engineering through collaborative modeling.

We embrace BIM/3D to provide value added services to our clients that produce measurable results. The benefits of using 3-dimensional modeling include conflict resolution at early stages of design development, ease of section and smoother coordination among all of the disciplines. The normal tendency is to optimize for individual priorities, but in light of BIM’s inherent collaborative nature, we know that the project team must understand each other’s workflow on a deeper level to truly be successful. We work with our clients one on one to learn how BIM works best for their needs, share our capability and methods, and generate an understanding of how we can use BIM to its full potential together.

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