Bruce Pitts to Present Webinar for Building Commissioning Association

Vice President Bruce Pitts, CPMP, CSBA, LEED AP, will be presenting a live webinar on December 8th as part of the Building Commissioning Association (BCA) Webinar Series. His presentation, “Maximizing the Value of Design Document Review,” discusses the value of a quality design document review and how to improve on the current process.

Read the webinar abstract below:

What is commissioning design document review? How does the commissioning professional add value during the design phase? One way is by conducting a review of the design documentation as it develops. The commissioning professional reviews design documents with a systems perspective in mind. They look at whether the systems proposed in the Basis of Design achieve the Owner’s Project Requirements, and whether they continue to do so as the design evolves through 60% and 90% submittals.

The timing and delivery of comments on all design documents is important to keeping the project on time and built to the owners OPR. The commissioning professional’s job during design document review is to assure that all systems, taken together, will function at a level greater than the sum of its parts. Learn from a long time commissioning professional, BCA member and current Board Member Bruce Pitts, the value of a quality design document review and how to improve on your current process.

About BCA

The BCA is dedicated to creating and supporting the highest standards for the commissioning profession. Through professional development programs, nationally-recognized certifications, tools and market outreach the BCA has earned its leadership role in the accelerating best practices and promoting cross-industry collaboration. BCA committees and members work with the international, national and regional leaders to champion industry standards, policies and building codes that meet the future as challenges arise.


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