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2014 Mobile Future Forward Summit: The Golden Age of Mobile

By Tom Leonidas, Jr., P.E., MBA I recently attended the Mobile Future Forward Summit, held September 24th in Seattle. The annual event, in its fifth year, is a gathering of preeminent thought leaders in the mobile industry, envisioning the two to five year future of the industry and discussing the challenges and opportunities for shaping […]

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A New Utility: Medical Grade Wireless to Become Health Care Necessity

Tom Leonidas, Jr., P.E. has written a great article for Health Facilities Management Magazine’s June 2014 issue on how medical grade wireless is to become a health care necessity. Here’s a short except but find the full article on HFM’s site here.

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The Power of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

By Tom Leonidas, P.E. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has become a powerful alternative to traditional design-bid-build.  IPD is all about team members collaborating on a common set of project goals; and to optimize results. IPD takes a lot of the pain associated with bid projects in terms of dealing with change orders.  The goals are […]

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The HIPAA Conundrum

This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series. By Tom Leonidas, P.E. What does the ‘P’ stand for in the acronym HIPAA?  Most people that get asked this question automatically answer with the word ‘privacy.’  Of course it stands for privacy, because HIPAA is all about protecting a patient’s medical information and records.  That […]

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Connected Health to Advance Patient-Centric Priorities

by Tom Leonidas, Jr., P.E. This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series. ‘Connected health’ is about enabling integrated care by sharing clinical data across healthcare systems. It encourages and facilitates communication and collaboration between the patient and caregivers to achieve better care with improved outcomes—all at a lower cost.

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Digital Demand: Executing an efficient hospital data center strategy

By Tom Leonidas Jr., P.E., and David Derse, P.E., LEED AP BD+C This article was featured in Health Facilities Management magazine’s February 2013 edition. Read more at HFM’s website or view the PDF. The depressed economy has put hospital data centers in a difficult position. Capital funding has dwindled, but the need for information-based systems […]

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White Paper: The Brave New World of Systems Interoperability in Healthcare

By Tom Leonidas, Jr., P.E. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) creates a positive impact on quality of care by creating a single accessible and credible source for the patient’s historical record. One of the next ‘big things’ in healthcare delivery is using the EMR platform to create automation of routine tasks that occur in a […]

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White Paper: Key Trends Impacting Data Center Design

By Tom Leonidas, Jr., P.E. The next time you “like” your friend’s new band or comment on a photo of your baby nephew’s first steps, consider this: Facebook is now used by one in every 13 people on earth. More than 700 billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook, 20 million applications are installed […]

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