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Benchmark Testing Explained

by Paul Greenwalt, EIT I recently read an article about the Chicago Archdiocese’s Archbishop Blase J. Culpich announcement that the Archdiocese will be benchmark testing all of their buildings to confirm that they are as energy efficient as they can be. This got me thinking about the benefits of existing building commissioning as well as […]

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A Cradle to Grave (C2G) Approach to Sustainability

by Paul Greenwalt, EIT As engineers, we here at Wood Harbinger are often asked about sustainability. The context varies slightly from client to client. Some view sustainability as designing a building to last a certain length of time. Others have their eye on reduced energy consumption. A few focus primarily on achieving reduced utility bills. […]

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Experiments with a Pressure Washer

by Paul Greenwalt, E.I.T A while back I was given a pressure washer for free. The report was that it was no longer building pressure. This seems like a fundamental aspect of a pressure washer. While I love tinkering with small engines and electronics, this one sat in the garage until the walkways and decks […]

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Are “Green-Certified” Buildings Actually Sustainable?

by Paul Greenwalt, EIT and Morena Sanidad, P.E., LEED AP BD+C This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series. Sustainability has a broad definition that at its core is about survival, now and into the future. In the built environment, energy efficiency and conservation are major factors affecting sustainability. Building owners—and the project teams […]

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Thermochromism: A Novelty with Real Benefits

by Paul Greenwalt, EIT It dawned on me this morning as I was getting my coffee that not many people understand the phenomena of thermal reactivity. My coffee mug is a brilliant little oddity for the scientist, engineer, or anyone mesmerized by marvels. When the mug warms up above a certain temperature the thermochromic paint […]

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Carbon Footprint: Thinking on our Feet for Exhaust Fan Functional Testing

By Paul Greenwalt, EIT Last week, a fellow co-worker, Shaun May, and I were in the field commissioning a residence hall at a local university. We were there to conduct functional testing of the garage exhaust fan, among other things. The garage exhaust fans operate 24 hours a day at a minimum speed of 17.6 […]

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Not Again…“Coffee Machine Not Working.”

By Paul Greenwalt The last time I wrote about this subject, it was bold, cheery, and had a joyful ending. The story this morning is less uplifting, but no less diagnostic. We arrived at the office this morning to an email with a dreadful subject line: “Coffee Machine Not Working.” Noooo! How will we manage […]

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An Education Affirmation: It All Matters

By Paul Greenwalt, EIT Do you like math and science? Are you fascinated by mechanical and electrical gadgets? If so, I bet when you were young you liked taking things apart to see how they worked. Sometimes you even put those things back together. Sometimes you put those things back together and you didn’t have […]

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BIM, Commissioning, and Sustainability, Oh My! Tools and Skills for Quality Client Outcomes

By Paul Greenwalt, EIT These days, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and environmental awareness are key drivers and concerns of many of our clients and building owners, conscious of their budgets and the impacts of the built environment. We recognize the need to be nimble and creative to achieve quality project results within these parameters, and I […]

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