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How Being a Coach Makes a Strong Project Manager and Leader

By Mohammed Haq, P.E. I’ve played team sports since I was a kid, and started coaching youth basketball and soccer and a men’s basketball team a few years ago. Not only is playing and coaching a lot of fun for me, but I find a lot of similarities with my role as a project manager […]

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The Shift to BIM: New Ways of Thinking for the Future of Design

By Mohammed Haq, P.E. Building information modeling (BIM) adds a new dimension to the building design process. Literally. While traditional design utilizes two-dimensional drawings to show the plan for individual disciplines, BIM generates an interactive, three dimensional layout that can contain details and data not possible in a static 2D drawing. It spans the life […]

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Challenges Data Centers Face: Build New or Utilize What’s Available?

By Mohammed Haq, P.E. The evolution of data centers is ever-changing.  As requirements evolve, data centers are ranging from being located in a 10×20 closet to a large 100,000 SF building.  In addition, the technology associated with data centers is growing at a high rate as more people utilize smart phones, tablets, and computers, creating […]

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