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Home Renovation: A Different Perspective of the AEC Industry

by Jacob Odell When I bought a house, I didn’t see in the contract that I would have to hold on to everything that came in the front door, but I guess I didn’t read ALL the fine print. This suspicious anomaly has forced me to reserve an entire room for “stuff” like an elliptical, […]

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The Road Less Traveled: the Monitoring-Based Commissioning Option

by Jacob Odell This article is part of Wood Harbinger’s newsletter series. LEED v4 launched in late 2013 with substantial changes to the LEED Green Building Design and Construction certification system, including many that affected commissioning program requirements needed to achieve certification. 2017 is really the first year we’re starting to see LEED v4 in […]

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Hunting Down a Solution to My Cold Bedroom Woes

by Jacob Odell It was a cold winter day when I noticed a heavy draft coming through the dog door and I got to thinking about how to stop it. But this is not the beginning of our story. The tale begins some years ago—never mind how long precisely—when my wife and I bought our […]

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