What ANSI Accreditation for the Certified Commissioning Professional Certification Means to Wood Harbinger’s CCPs

Earlier this year in February 2016, Principal Bruce Pitts wrote an article about the long road to ANSI-accreditation for the Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) certification offered by the Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB). On July 15, 2016, the BCCB announced that they had achieved ANSI accreditation. So exciting!!

Wood Harbinger’s commissioning practice is a core discipline of our firm. We are honored to have two Certified Commissioning Professionals on staff: Commissioning Engineer Nick Baker, and Mechanical Engineer Stuart Mitchell. We asked them, and Commissioning group leader Jeff Yirak, what the newly minted ANSI accreditation for the CCP meant to them. Here’s what they said:

What CCP ANSI accreditation means to Nick Baker

When I was looking into which commissioning certification to pursue, Bruce, Jeff, and I were already looking ahead at the BCCB’s ANSI accreditation goal for the Certified Commissioning Professional credential. We decided I should go with the CCP because of its rigor and for its future value when it gained ANSI accreditation. Now that moment has come!

I am excited about the expansion in the types of work we’ll be able to pursue, such as bridge projects like the SR-520 Floating Bridge that we just completed and the West Approach Bridge that is currently in progress. As agencies like Sound Transit, WSDOT, and others develop more rigorous commissioning requirements for additional systems beyond HVAC, we have the opportunity to participate more deeply. Typically our electrical commissioning has only included lighting and occupancy sensors systems, but now we’re getting involved with the medium voltage distribution and life safety systems. For the 520 bridge, we commissioned the fire protection systems and the intricate Bridge Control System.

What CCP ANSI accreditation means to Stuart Mitchell

I chose to pursue the Certified Commissioning Professional certification given its prestige among other competitive commissioning certifications. In addition, their restructuring efforts to align with ANSI accreditation requirements would ensure its industry value for the future.

What CCP ANSI accreditation means to Jeff Yirak

Jeff YirakANSI accreditation gives validity and gravity to the Certified Commissioning Professional certification.  In a sea of commissioning credentials, I use ANSIs accreditation to judge which credential stands out among the field.  This gives me the confidence to recommend to my clients which commissioning certification to look for in a commissioning provider.  Some credentials are more rigorous than others and translate to a higher caliber commissioning provider; being able to explain what to look for allows me help my clients inform themselves prior to purchasing commissioning services.  In a sense, I am also a purchaser of commissioning services; when I interview a perspective employee, I need to know what they know and where they’re coming from.  An accredited certification gives me the surety that this commissioning provider has demonstrated the ability and experience to build on to a successful future.

ANSI accreditation puts the CCP certification, and those who hold it, above the rest.  Finally, we have a credential that clearly demonstrates mastery of the practice.

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