2015 Food Drive: A Call to Action Heard ‘Round the Firm

As an engineering firm staffed by highly-skilled and passionate people, a desire and ability to solve problems in creative ways is hard-wired into our approach to everything we set our minds to do. Applying our will and skills to philanthropic activities and charitable events is one of the things that makes Wood Harbinger a great place to work. We are encouraged and enabled to be part of something greater than our daily grind.

While Wood Harbinger has been holding an annual food drive for many years, 2015’s call to action achieved wild success through competitive strategy, innovative thinking, and a stark reminder to ourselves of why we do it: through our efforts, we’re able to help put food into the stomachs of people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to eat. How’s that for motivation?

Our goal was to donate 2,500 pounds of food. Wood Harbinger divided into three teams and collectively shattered that goal and donated over 8,200 pounds (and pound equivalents) of food, volunteer hours, and cash in support of Northwest Harvest, Hopelink, Puget Sound Labor Agency Food Bank, ACE Mentoring, Sound Salmon Solutions, The Lord’s Table Soup Line, Kenmore Cub Scouts Pack 564, and Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center.

wood harbinger food driveInnovation Beyond Engineering

In the past two years, our firm has been on a journey of Process Innovation, a strategic effort to consciously redesign our methodologies to work together better in pursuit of more efficiently and more effectively meeting our common goals. That critical thinking and innovative mindset filtered over into our approach to the food drive.

In year’s past, the scope of the food drive included just non-perishable food donations. This year, as a result of feedback from staff advocating more out-of-the-box thinking, cash, non-food charitable donations, and volunteer hours were included in the calculation for pounds donated. Food banks need more than canned food and can benefit from these other avenues. This year’s bigger-picture approach allowed us to take advantage of many opportunities to support our local food banks and, through them, our community as a whole. That’s something we can all be proud of.

Looking Ahead

The success of this year’s food drive shows what can be done when great minds communicate and collaborate in ingenious ways. We can leverage our strengths and passions by seeking opportunities every day, big and small, to redefine what it means to be a team of creative problem solvers.

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